Two Blue Lizards

" I felt showered in diamonds, I must have sparkled like a dying star,

I was naked in the waterfall, you fed me honey from a jar. . . . "

Chris Bradford ~ Lips

In the 90's Chris published a collection of songs on the MP3.COM website. This project was called Two Blue Lizards and the material had a driving power pop feel to it along with the trademark vocals and excellent melodies.

The music was described on MP3.COM as 'Jim Morrison meets Robert Palmer after spending a month on the road with Tom Petty'.

Four songs were available for download at the Two Blue Lizards homepage:

Give Me a Son

When The Lights Go Down



These songs, all written and sung by Chris Bradford, were produced by Pip Williams at his Studio in Richings Park in 1992, who also played all the instruments.

They represent a bit of special magic to Chris, inspired as they were by his falling in love with his lovely wife Lizzie.

Taking a break in the Two Blue Lizards recording sessions…

The muse keeping the artist honest..

Please let me introduce you to my valued song writing partner, JACK.

MP3.COM is now owned by CNET and they no longer host music from any cool new artistic talent.

Those original four songs and more are available on the Bandcamp album "Wondertime" and can be played and/or downloaded right here:-

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