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Lindsay Bastedo

Lindsay Bastedo

" I still miss this lovely guy . . truly beautiful . . outside and inside . . We made some good music together, he helped me a lot in the Earlies and we were friends."

Andy Scott and Sweet

Chris has worked for many years with Andy Scott, guitarist and writer of The Sweet resulting in excellent collaborations like Krugerrands - a top ten hit in Australia and South Africa, Invisible, Let Her Dance etc. Apart from their songwriting partnerships,

Andy has also over the years produced and provided instrumentation for many of Chris's solo projects. songs. They seem to fish quite a lot together too.

Chris also worked with another Sweet member - lead singer Brian Connolly, on his solo work.

Another Sweet connection… Chris's Bardot bandmate Ray McRiner, was in the touring line-up for Sweet in 1979, to support the "Cut Above The Rest" album. He also contributed the songs "Too Much Talking" and the single "Give The Lady Some Respect" to the next Sweet album, "Waters Edge".

More details about his work with Andy Scott can be seen on the Andy Scott & Chris Bradford page.

Zandra Rhodes

A very interesting lady I met and lived with was Zandra Rhodes. . Portobello Rd. . Notting Hill. . there's a tale about my time with Z on "Lion and Impala"

Julie Christie

My dear friends Nick and Dot were getting married, mid 70s.

I had the pleasure of escorting Dot's close friend Julie to the wedding.They had remained close since their crazy 60's modelling days.

She was charming and fun.. I was a gentleman and extremely attentive to my iconic charge.. I got her to the church on time.. and what a do that was !

We met a few times over the years and I had the chance to introduce my wife Lizzie to her last time she was at Nick and Dots.. a nice memory !


Lifelong pal Henry Morris (Palomino, Squaw), Andy Scott, Chris & his son Hunter.

Henry and Chris at Andy Scott's wedding, Port Meirion, Wales 1991. Andy was a big fan of The Prisoner, which was filmed here in the 1960s.

In the early days Henry worked with Chris providing guitar, and vocal harmony with Squaw and Palomino. Since then he played with The Refrains and was Pip Williams assistant for several years through the Moody Blues and Bardot period. After fighting Cancer he's in the early stages of forming a new harmony band from his eyrie looking out to the Isle of Wight. . .

Pip Williams

A giant in the industry who needs little introduction, Pip Williams produced both Bardot's and Heroes' debut albums.

Here's the man himself - who made all of Chris's songs sound great! He made a lot of Quo's stuff sound okay too, not to mention the Moodys.

Pip and Chris during the "WonderTime", "Give Me A Son", "Naomi", "When the Lights Go Down" sessions at his Studio in Richings Park, 1991.

Sad Café

"Sad Cafe and Bardot were both on RCA..Curzon St, round the corner from Handle Artists.. Mayfair.. London..

Posh !

Laurie, Ray and I ( Bardot) would often meet the guys from SC in the local pub in Shepherds Market.. I remember them being pissed off with the record co. !

This was Laurie's territory, had the place eating out of his hand, free breakfast when he put on the "Italian" ! Blimey, dinner with the Moodys, Quo in and out of the office.. Number 1 Derby Street... a cool place to be.."

Mike Kellie

Mike Kellie from Spooky Tooth and The Only Ones. .

" Kellie and I were friends in the summer of 74/75. God knows how we met,but we had some good hippy fun and he took me to a few interesting places. A rehearsal studio in Fulham.. Mike K drums, a bass player ( can't remember who ) and Paul Kossof, guitar! Hours of solos.. I listened from the control room, young and without my first proper record deal thinking.. bloody hell eh! There was a beautiful American guy called Herbie, round about the same time... I visited Koss in hospital with him when Paul was unwell. Strange and interesting times.

Paul died in 76, so I must have seen him 75 latest.. it was grim in that room, and it wasn't really a hospital.. rehab."

Simon & Garfunkel

Chris and son Hunter getting ready for some serious jamming at Scott's Poor. Hunter is now an aspiring young actor, another rare talent running in the family.

The Everly Brothers

Hunter and Chris grabbing some quality time in June 2014, at Holmead Barn, before the young'n has to be back on set in Wales for the top secret series he's filming.

Wolf Hall.

Whoops. . . . so much for that secret!!

Peter, Paul and Mary

Chris and Liz took her Mum, Joan up to Holt to meet the old man of the sea - Chris's Dad Mike!! They hit it off just fine.. both charmers.. it was a charm fest !

The Bee Gees

Brother Bill, The Squadron Leader, and Mars Bardot at Blakeney in Norfolk. (Squadron Leader Bradford proudly sporting his genuine Ohio Sheriff's deputy badge.)

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