Danny Hynes

Danny Hynes ~ Paddy Goes To Holyhead

"I met Danny, mid 80s, with Andy Scott. We'd just about wrapped up all the Krugerrands stuff and were looking for the next adventure! Anyway. . Andy took me to a pub (?) to see this band he was mates with. . Paddy Goes To Holyhead. They were brilliant. . good time rock n' roll and fronted by the charming and excellent Danny Hynes. Andy joined this merry gang for a while, and produced two great singles. . "Green Green Grass of Home” and “Delilah"

The Paddys and Danny still have a healthy following. . But I believe his main project right now is Weapon UK. . another cracking band (I watched a vid the other day, loved it)

So, Danny is going strong, living abroad and we are in touch.

Charisma galore that boy. . . ."

Danny Hynes with Weapon UK

In 1980, Danny placed an ad in the wanted section of the Melody Maker and the next thing you know - Weapon UK!! (Okay they added 'UK' later after the suits went after them!)

Danny. . Mal McNulty (now with Slade) and Andy Scott


Paddy Goes to Holyhead ~ Green Green Grass of Home


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