Dirty Carlo

Dirty Carlo. . the Art Gallery owner.

I met a girl called Terry. . a waitress at a bar I played at a few nights a week.

She got me the gig and we became lovers. . I was young and still getting the hang of all that. . she was not! Clever girl our Terry. . . she made the most of her extremely desirable self and had a few lechy Italian admirers she used from time to time (when she was skint!). One of those times involved me. .

I'd finished my set. . the place was quiet so Terry took me aside and said she had a surprise for me. . meeting a friend, after hours in his art gallery.

We arrive about midnight. . go down some stairs lined with paintings. I thought it odd that she was checking the prices as we went down. . looking for the most expensive one.

A large gallery awaited. . artwork everywhere . . and in a corner, on a gilded chair, sat Dirty Carlo. . the owner !

Nut brown. . 5 foot 4 in a shiny suit and a big smile. . then they spoke some Italian.

Terry had arranged for her and I to fuck in front of him in exchange for any painting she wanted! Times were hard and extremely strange . . so we did ! Got the painting, flogged it for about 60 quid and made an old perv happy.

As I said. . strange days and not a bad way of getting your eyes opened. . .

A week or so later I learned she'd sold the painting for a grand and run off with a Norwegian submariner.. she really got me!

When I got back from Rome I looked Terry up for obvious reasons!

We had dinner. . with her husband. . . who was a boxer and I haven't seen her since but she was one of those ones!!

I did a bit of "photo romance" as well to earn a few bob. . that's another story!

The Enlightening of David California